Who we are…. And why you should join

Human connection is one of the world’s strongest needs and the AWCD provides a way for members to connect with other people far from home, or looking to connect with American culture. We are a social and charitable club offering an enormous variety of activities, outings, information and opportunities to connect and make a difference in the Düsseldorf community. Our membership is open to all nationalities and genders, you just need to be willing to speak a little bit of English. We invite you to come by for a coffee, evening drinks, or luncheon and meet the women (and men) who make up the AWCD, perhaps you too will find a little bit of home.

Benefits of Membership

Social activities

Monthly luncheons, coffee mornings, classes (including cooking, wine seminars, tennis) over 24 activities (including book clubs, speakers forum, boating excursions, cultureal tours), as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter themed Events. club wide tours, kids Halloween, Christmas and Easter events

Charitable & Volunteer activities 

Philanthropic opportunities to benefit women and children in the Düsseldorf region are provided to our members. 

Volunteering within the AWCD gives members the ability to keep up professional skills and learn new ones

Information & Networking

Monthly Newsletter (ACE), quarterly magazine "The Radschläger", "Big Sister" program, access to website and member's forum, information evenings, professional networking opportunities, access to the AWCD private Facebook page, as well as, automatic membership in the "Federation of American Women’s Club Overseas" (FAWCO), an UNESCO recognized NGO and advocate for Americans living abroad.

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